Whiskey 'n Honey


Retro T-Shirt

Cotton T-shirt $25 Tech Shirt $35

Black lettering with yellow honey spoon. This is the original design from 2019 when the group was founded.

2022 WnH Shirt

Cotton T-shirt $20 Tech Shirt $30

This is the new group design. The lettering can be done in any complimenting color to look great on the shirt color of your choice.

Texas WnH Shirt

Cotton T-shirt $25 Tech Shirt $35

'Nuff said!

This two color design looks great on the gray, black, or white.

"Friends" Style Shirt

T-shirt, Crop Top or Tank $25

Inspired by the Friends TV show. This multicolor shirt can be adapted for t-shirts and for both light or dark colors.

WnH USA Dance Tour

Cotton T-shirt $25 Tech Shirt $35

Love this patriotic design! It would be awesome to add cities that you've danced in to the back design. Make a comment in the notes if you want to have cities added. We can work it out!

Add $5 for this multicolor design.

Dance Crew Jersey


This jersey is made with lightweight, breathable tech fabric. It is fitted, so if you prefer a loose fit, please size up. The idea was that the men would be Whiskey and the gals would be Honey. However, feel free to customize with your name and the number of your choice.

The jersey is available is size S-XXL

Dance Crew Tank


This can be made with the crop tank or longer tank top. You can customize the colors and number, and name. The idea was "Honey" for the girls, but you may customize with your name if you like!

The jersey is available is size S-XXL

Men's Dry Fit Shirts

These are the color options for the men's dry fit shirts.
Black, Charcoal, Light Gray, Blue, Burgundy

If you work up a sweat when you dance, these will help keep you cool and dry. They are dry fit, lightweight and comfortable! They are fitted shirts and you may wish to size up if you prefer a looser fit.

Sizes are available from S - XXL

Adult Unisex T-Shirt

I can get the adult t-shirts in just about any color.

The t-shirts may vary a bit depending upon what I can find at the time of the order.

The t-shirts are crew neck and average fit. They are cotton or a cotton blend depending on color.

Girl's Crop Tank

These can have any of the the designs except the Reglan Jersey Design.

Many color options! Pink, blue, black, white, gray, red... Let me know what you want! They come in size SM - XXL

Girl's Racerback Tank

Girl's racerback tank can have any of the designs except the Reglan Jersey Design.

These are available in any of the colors you see here, and the image colors can be adjusted to compliment the color of the shirt. Please let me know what you would like in the comment section of the order form.

Koozies available. Can Koozies for $3 and Bottle Koozies for $6

Free can Koozie with the purchase of 2 or more shirts.